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Our kayak and hiking tours go from Early Spring until Late Fall, (winter outing possible)

The recommended attire:
Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, windbreaker, shorts, beach shoes and a change of clothes.
We have dry bags for keeping your stuff. And we have all the gear to keep you safe and comfortable.
Excursion Rates/Descriptions

Kayaking Starting at $80.00 per person 

Hiking-  Hike the rugged panoramic coastline of the Bay of Fundy or our beautiful inland waters and forests. Varied rates for locations and group sizes, please give us a call or email.


Excursion Descriptions  

Our excursions run approximately 3 hours and include an intro to kayaking and paddling techniques. The trip is typically broken into 2 legs with a beach stop and snack break. Please ask about our shorter and longer excursions

Partridge Island

An extraordinary little island in Saint John’s outer Harbour, abundant with history and culture, this island offers stunning views of the city and bay. Only with a visit can it truly be appreciated. 

Brothers Cove/Tucker Park 3 Islands

Explore the scenery and varying shores amongst the 3 Islands that outline the Brothers Cove/ Tucker Park area. Kayak within touch of unique rock formations from the Devonian Age, paddle over some of the deepest waters and learn about the uniqueness of the Kennebecasis underwater Fjord. Bald Eagles, Loons, Cormorants, Sturgeons, Salmon, Stripers and the occasional Harbour Seal call these waters “HOME


From Darling's Island covered bridge paddle the meandering arms of the Hammond River to Darling's Lake and the Kennebecasis River

This area can be accessed in April and May to see the panorama of the spring flood plane, then in the summer months to enjoy the serenity of the lazy waterways and finally the spectacular colours of early fall in September and October.


From Fairvale on the Kennebecasis River cross over to view the geological spectacle of Minister's Face on Long Island. 

 Then hike to the top for a panoramic view of the Kennebecasis Valley.  Return to the beach for a snack and then head back to the mainland.

 Saint John on the Bay of Fundy kayak from Bayshore Beach or Saint's Rest with optimal exploration to islands such as Mahogany or Taylor's

Here is a great opportunity for wildlife viewing (various bird species, harbour seals and marine life).

 Explore St Martins, a Stonehammer Geosite and its awesome scenery. 

 Our main excursions are from the harbour in St Martins and include an intro to sea kayaking plus a tour under the bridges of the Irish River, out into the bay and a viewing of the famous caves.  We'll have a beach stop below the towering cliffs of the Bay of Fundy and view the geological history of the area.